Dora Bike Ridding

Today our friend Dora has taken out her bike for a long ride, but she is finding difficulty in drive the bike , now she needs her friends help so that she could enjoy her bike ride at the same time there are many hurdles on her way.You have to help Dora in Driving her bike without getting bumped by the hurdles

How to play:

Use the arrow key for driving Dora’s bike


Dora Forest Car

This time Dora is going inside a forest for a new adventure and all she has is a car to cross the woods but her journey cannot be completed without the help of her adventures friends. So this time you are going to control Dora’s car and that also very carefully  as the road is full of hurdles like  zig-zag and up- down heights.

How to play :

Make  use of the arrow keys, keep in mind that the up arrow key is for moving the car in the forward direction and the right arrow key is for balancing the car.

Dora and Gummy game

Our little Dora ha grown up and now is working as a delivery girl, today she has to deliver colorful little gummy bears from the factory to the house but there are many hurdles on her way. So she needs her friends help so that she can  make her delivery right on time . She is riding on her bike which has to be controlled by you guys

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control little Dora’s bike

Cooking Game

Dora is Decorating a big birthday cake but she cannot complete her decoration without her explorer friends. So all you need to do is use your imagination and creativity and create a beautiful cake with Dora. For decorating the cake the game provides a wide range of decoration materials , so cjose the items along with the options 1,2,3,4.. to decorate the cake

How to play

just select items  from the given decoration material and decorate the cake with Dora


Dora Snow Princess On Sky

our Dora is now a beautiful snow princess riding her white unicorn and flying in the sky on her way she come across angry clouds and wicked witch and you are the one who is gonna save Dora from getting bumped on them. You also have to collect little snow flakes on your way as they will credit you with +1 point.

How to play

Simply use your mouse cursor to move the flying unicorn and try collect all the sow flakes on your way


Dora Train Express

Our friend Dora is now a train driver and she has to take swippers care fully to the next station but its hard for her to drive the train all alone so he need her explorer friends help in controlling and driving the train properly. While Driving the train control the train speed properly or else you’ll wreck the train and lose the cargo. keep a watch on the steeping and slanting heights on your way as they can create a lot of problem .

How to play

use the different instruments like emergency stop handle etc for controlling the trains speed

Dora Fishing Game

Little Dora is today on a fishing trip, she is on a small yellow and pink boat above the sea and the sea is filled with beautiful fishes. You have to help Dora in finding and catching the particular wish will will increase her points and reward her. If you catch any other type of fish you will lose points.Make sure that you Keep a watch on the running time

How to play

use the space bar to extend the length of the  bait inside the sea. Press the space bar to bring up the caught fish.

Dora Finds the Puppies

This time Dora and Boots are on a big adventure and their aim is to collect puppies from the dangerous Forest,  while looking for the puppies you have to help Dora in collecting the energy bars for the puppies but on their  way there are many hurdles like big grass bushes, snakes etc which can lose the collected energy bars by Dora so make sure you keep a watch on them.Try to drive the bicycle on the arrows when ever they come as they can increase your bike speed.

How to play

Use the up and down arrow keys to move around the things in your way.

Dora Going for Picnic

Our Friend Dora is planning to go on a picnic for which she and Boots goes to a store for buying all they need for enjoying their picnic. Dora picks up a cart and start buying things shown below the screen. You have to help Dora in collecting all the items shown on the below screen.Collect all the items and help Dora in making her picnic wonderful

How to play :

Just click and drag the item inside the cart shown on the below screen.

Dora Cake-berry Game

Our Dora has just opened a pastry  shop with different tasty treats like cakes, donuts,breads etc. Different animals like cow , Diego,Boots etc. They all order different treats and pay Dora according to the order.You have to make sure that you manage Dora properly and complete  the order before the customers lose their temper.

How to play

Use your mouse to take orders from different customers.

Before picking up the food items for another order make sure that the money you have received from the previous order have been dropped in the cash box or else you wont be able to pick treats for the current order.